Will my body turn into mind?

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Will my body turn into mind?

My body, your body.
From these disparate bodies,
this exhibition evokes a wide variety of images
through the media of art and technology.

As technology marches on, how have our physical senses changed?

The boundaries between machine and body are becoming increasingly blurred, be it the sense of touch of our fingertips born from the arrival of smartphones, the transfer of the self into games and VR, and the future spread of AI and automated driving.

At the same time, we each have our own, corporeal, bodies filled with cells, organs, and internal systems we can’t control. Our bodies exist in a state of limbo. If you change your point of view, what unknown images lie hidden within them?

In this exhibition, we have brought together works that use art and technology to ask penetrating questions about the nature of the physical body in today’s world. Here, we present an opportunity to experience what you have thought of as your own personal body, as it takes on totally different forms and senses; to consider the existence of the body in society. Why not come, and contemplate on and, together, experience the physical body that cutting-edge artists and researchers are questioning?

Curator : Arina Tsukada

About the Exhibition Series

From the environment to disaster prevention to the economy, future cities will face all manner of uncertainties, making it difficult to predict the future even one step ahead.The concept to spread the word from Tokyo to the world for these next-generation cities is “Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo = SusHi Tech Tokyo.”As a place to unpack this concept and create future value together, the PASs (Playground for Alternative Seeds) exhibit series was born.Here, through the media of art and technology, each person can discover a fresh perspective that overthrows what they thought they knew. A place of creation where you can be freed from normal life and ideas. The questions and ideas you sense here will turn into seeds for the future, aiming to spread through the world and plant seedlings within society.

SusHi Tech Square

Special features

A space where art becomes the catalyst to free us 
from our day-to-day life and thoughts

The exhibition brings together eight media arts and technologies that are expected to play big roles in the future. 
There are many ways it has been designed to allow anyone to enjoyably imagine the future of Tokyo.

Playground: The Playground of Thought

Playground: The Playground of Thought

The heart of the venue is a free space called the Playground. Visitors are welcome to relax, discuss their impressions of the works, or even work or study. It serves as a “white space,” connecting the many questions that may come to mind upon viewing the works to thoughts about our lifestyles and their future. It is also scheduled to be the site of a wide variety of events.

Art Communicator: Enjoy Interpretations

Art Communicator: Enjoy Interpretations

Art communicators will be permanently stationed at the venue to help viewers with their interpretations and understanding. They will provide easily accessible explanations, helping to draw out thoughts and impressions, even for those who may find art difficult to understand. Feel free to ask an art communicator if there is anything you want to know. Some communicators may provide daily viewing tours (no reservations required).

Voice Wall: Turn the Future into Words

Voice Wall: Turn the Future into Words

The Playground, in the middle of the venue, has a Voice Wall where every visitor can write down and attach their own impressions of the future. After experiencing the exhibits, visitors are welcome to try answering the venue’s questions. “What will happen to our future?” To ponder this and then to act becomes the first step.