Will my body turn into mind?

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Will my body turn into mind?

My body turns into a Demihuman

WORTH Customizable Collection: KEMONO




A speculative design laboratory that creates the next generation of sustainable fashion. Tackles cross-boundary issues through a diverse range of genre specializations. Using cutting-edge digital technology, they aim to achieve a recycling society that allows personal creativity to emerge. Winner of the Early Bird special prize in the 2020 Global Change Award (H&M Foundation).


If there came a time when the physical and virtual worlds were linked, what would you look like?

Today, we change our identities in many ways by changing the clothing covering our bodies, like when we wear suits or uniforms, or casual clothes at home.

The virtual future space “WORTH” developed by Synflux provides “avatar skins” that users can customize themselves. These avatar skins are designed to question the relationship between oneself and fashion in the digital age.

In virtual space, there is no need to be dictated by our work or position, and there is not even a need to look human.

WORTH’s Kemono (Demihuman) characters wear skins with mushroom or plant patterns to blend in with the natural environment of the future, and attempt to connect with the surrounding forest.

Here, you might sense new dynamics of life that only a virtual world can offer.